• Made of durable ABS material

  • UV Protection with 10 Year Warranty

  • Package dimensions: 7” L x 2.17” W x 12” H

  • Weight: 146 g



The Dauber Stopper™ protects exposed emergency drain lines of air conditioners and water heaters on the home. These vulnerable openings provide an open gateway for pests like wasps, spiders, termites and more. Our patent-pending design is made of durable ABS plastic and comes with a ten-year guarantee.


The Dauber Stopper™ prevents clogged emergency drain lines which can lead to severe water damage inside a home. By offering The Dauber Stopper™ on your new installs and service visits, you will provide peace-of-mind to the homeowner in knowing they will not suffer expensive water damage because of a clogged drain line! While developed for use on the HVAC system, The Dauber Stopper™ works on ALL emergency drain lines including the water heater. Annual service visits can now include checking and cleaning the drain lines as well as The Dauber Stopper™ to ensure the home is protected.


Once installed it provides a more finished appearance to the home’s exterior than unsightly exposed drain lines. The Dauber Stopper is a great product that adds value to your new installs. Your clients rely on your company to keep their HVAC systems running efficiently and without service interruptions. The Dauber Stopper™ offers your company the opportunity to bolster your customers experience by presenting them this new solution.

To learn more about the Dauber Stopper please watch this informative video.

Installation Instructions

Increased Profits on Every Install

Consider a licensing agreement with us that would increase your profit margin on every install. Manufacturing and putting your logo on The Dauber Stopper™ will elevate your brand and reputation with your customers.

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