The Dauber Stopper - XXXXX AC ProductsIntroducing The Dauber Stopper. If you live in Portland, AC products and services are things you’ve probably searched for before. The heat in the South can be overwhelming. Having a working AC unit during the summers is a lifesaver. While most people often focus on the main internal and external AC units, one common problem is actually surrounding something very small: your air conditioner’s emergency drain line.

If your air conditioner’s emergency drain line is clogged, which happens easily, it could result in major water damage to your home and end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. At Modern AC Products, we’ve developed a product that, although small in size, could mean huge savings for you and your household. Before you go searching for Portland air conditioning services again, take some preventative measures and get the Dauber Stopper.

What is it? Well, if you live in Portland, or anywhere in the Southern United States, then you are familiar with the infamous dirt dauber. It’s a seemingly harmless flying insect found in Texas and other southern states. Dirt Daubers love to use dirt to build their nests, and they often look to build them in dark, cooler areas. You may not know it, but these small insects have been the reason behind some people calling Portland AC services to repair their air conditioner. Why? Because a common place for dirt daubers to build their nest is in your emergency AC drain lines.

Portland AC Products Could Save Your Customers Thousands, Making You’re the Hero

Portland AC repair services can get expensive, fast. Even something so small as you AC emergency drain line could cause major problems and severe water damage to the home. Plus, other Portland AC Products can make your customers cringe at the price. The Dauber Stopper is the easiest and most effective way to protect your customer’s air conditioner emergency drain lines from insects like mud daubers, dirt and other debris.

What is it? The Dauber Stopper is a protective screen that fits onto existing emergency A/C or water heater drain lines. It guards against debris and keeps insects like mud daubers from entering the line and clogging it with their nests.

Why do your customers need one?  A clogged A/C drain line can lead to severe water damage inside a home. These damages can sometimes cost thousands of dollars to repair, not to mention the stress they cause to the homeowner. You can be their hero and offer a high-margin preventative product that costs little to them.

How does it attach?  The Dauber Stopper is very easy to install. The package comes with a flange, insect screen, four screws and an optional pipe reducer. Simply follow the instructions on the package or read them below.

Get the Dauber Stopper: The Alternative to Your Customer’s Dreaded Expensive Portland AC Repair

Air conditioners can be a lifesaver from the Portland heat. But, as you know, they can also result in costly repairs if not maintained properly. No home is complete without The Dauber Stopper — the easiest and most effective way to prevent A/C emergency drain line clogs because of pesky mud daubers, dirt and other debris. Save your customers thousands of dollars in future repairs with this simple, cost-effective solution today! Start serving your customers with this simple, high-margin add-on product today!

If you provide Portland AC repair or other Portland AC services, the Dauber Stopper is a great product to offer your customers for added peace of mind. Ask us about wholesale options with the Dauber Stopper.