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Question: What is The Dauber Stopper™ made of?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper™ is made of durable ABS plastic. The same material Lego toys are manufactured with. This durable plastic also contains UV protection ensuring years of protection. Consequently, we have a 10 year guarantee on each Dauber Stopper.

Question: If I use a float-switch, I wouldn’t need a Dauber Stopper™, right?

Answer: False. Float switches can fail and not shut the unit off as designed. Plus, even if they do work properly, property owners are left in the heat while the wait for a service tech to come clean the drain lines. The Dauber Stopper™ is the only way to guarantee that no outside pests can clog the lines and keep them working properly.

Question: In addition to preventing water damage to the home, what other benefits does the Dauber Stopper™ have?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper™ also protects insects from accessing the attic or the basement through these open and exposed drain lines. It also looks better than exposed drain lines and improves the curb appeal of your home.

Question: What is the MSRP of The Dauber Stopper?

Answer: The MSRP of The Dauber Stopper is $24.95

Question: Do you have MAP pricing?

Answer: Yes, our MAP Pricing is $20.99

Question: How is The Dauber Stopper™ installed?

Answer: Watch our video that details installation here.

Question: What size emergency drain lines does The Dauber Stopper work on?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper works on ¾” black ABS pipe as well as ¾”white PVC pipe. However, our flange allows it to work on drain lines up to 1” typically associated with water heaters.

Question: What if there isn’t room for the flange in the installation?

Answer: If space does not allow for the flange, our reducer (included) can twist onto drain lines with no glue necessary. See instructions for more details.

Question: In some cases a drain line may exit the home horizontally. How do I install under that circumstance?

Answer: Since The Dauber Stopper™ is designed to drain both vertically and horizontally, you can use the flange method and have it mounted horizontally. Or, if you prefer a vertical installation, simply use a PVC 90 degree right angle (elbow) fitting for ¾” and then attach using the reducer.

Question: I’m interested in selling The Dauber Stopper and/or offering it to my customers. Do you have wholesale pricing?

Answer: Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing. For more information please contact tylor@modernacproducts.com

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