Question: What is The Dauber Stopper™ made of?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper™ is made of durable ABS plastic. The same material Lego toys are manufactured with. This durable plastic also contains UV protection ensuring years of protection. Consequently, we have a 10 year guarantee on each Dauber Stopper.

Question: If I use a float-switch, I wouldn’t need a Dauber Stopper™, right?

Answer: False, Float switches can fail and not shut the unit off as designed. Plus, even if they do work properly, property owners are left in the heat while the wait for a service tech to come clean the drain lines. The Dauber Stopper™ is the only way to guarantee that no outside pests can clog the lines and keep them working properly.

Question: In addition to preventing water damage to the home, what other benefits does the Dauber Stopper™ have?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper™ also protects insects from accessing the attic or the basement through these open and exposed drain lines.

Question: What is the MSRP of The Dauber Stopper?

Answer: The MSRP of The Dauber Stopper is $24.95.

Question: Do you have MAP pricing?

Answer: Yes, our MAP Pricing is $20.99

Question: How is The Dauber Stopper™ installed?

Answer: Watch our video that details installation here.

Question: What size emergency drain lines does The Dauber Stopper work on?

Answer: The Dauber Stopper works on ¾” black ABS pipe as well as ¾”white PVC pipe.

Question: What if there isn’t room for the flange in installation?

Answer: If space does not allow for the flange, our reducer (included) can twist onto drain lines with no glue necessary. See instructions for more details.

Question: In some cases a drain line may exit the home horizontally. How do I install under that circumstance?

Answer: For drain lines that exit the home horizontally, simply use a PVC 90 degree right angle (elbow) fitting.