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Jerrod Harrell, owner of Texas Professional Surveying, LLC., one of the largest and most successful surveying firms in Texas, first met Darwin Bryant on survey related business in 2017. Darwin, a U.S. Navy Veteran and retired HVAC technician turned inventor, shared some of his concepts with Jerrod. Immediately, he was struck by Darwin’s inventions—one in particular.

Over his career, Darwin had seen countless people suffer thousands of dollars in costly water damage to their homes because a dirt dauber wasp nest or other debris was blocking an emergency drain line. With no real solution for this problem out there, Darwin took matters into his own hands and The Dauber Stopper™ was born.

After their initial meeting, Darwin and Jerrod spent the next year perfecting the design and bringing The Dauber Stopper™ to market, as well as forming Modern AC Products, LLC. (MACP). Jerrod gives full credit to God for bringing him and Darwin together. His vision is for The Dauber Stopper™ to become a household name and homes everywhere be protected from this reoccurring problem.

In May of 2019, MACP reached an agreement with Supco, (Sealed Unit Parts Co, Inc.) to distribute The Dauber Stopper™ exclusively to the HVAC and Appliance Industries.

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