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What You Don’t Know-CAN Hurt You.

By March 19, 2019Uncategorized

Water Damage in the Home

Any homeowner who has suffered catastrophic water damage will tell you it’s not fun. In fact, presenting a solution to an overlooked vulnerability that can cause water damage would make your company look like a superstar.

The Unseen Problem

Every house with a central HVAC system has a “dripping time bomb,” lurking inside of it. If left unchecked, this can take out the ceiling and trash the room below. The result is costly insurance claims and thousands of dollars of repairs.

With the average AC unit producing gallons of condensation daily. Therefore, this excess water needs to be able to drain away. Current code (Section 307.2.3) in the International Mechanical Code Book states that an emergency drain line must exit the home to provide a way for the water to exit the home when the primary drain line becomes blocked.  The primary gets blocked as algae, calcium, and other particulates accumulate in these lines. So to prevent water damage inside, an emergency drain line leads outside. Unfortunately, because the emergency drain line is exposed, it is an entry point into the home for pests.

Ask any HVAC technician, and they will tell you that Mud Dauber Wasps, routinely build their nests inside these lines. This leads to a cork effect in the line which isn’t discovered until water has found its way inside the home.

The Solution is Here

What if you could keep your customers from getting stung by clogged drains, hidden water damage, costly repairs and, insurance hassles? Well, now you can – with “The Dauber Stopper.” This innovative pest barrier lets you be a customer hero with a low-cost solution that prevents drain line clogs and overflows.

Like the best innovations, The Dauber Stopper is all about simplicity. The cylindrical mesh screen screws snugly onto a matching flange, which covers the exit hole. This keeps the pests out and drain flowing.

Set your company apart and offer a proactive solution to this lurking problem and give them the peace of mind having The Dauber Stopper˜ provides.

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